Junk Car Removal

What an eyesore! That old junk car has been taking up space for way too long–it’s time to let the professionals handle your junk car removal. Better Call Junkout!

Junk Car Removal with Junkout

The time has finally come to get rid of that old, junked car in your garage, backyard, or even frontyard. This may seem like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be! For most junk car removal projects, you will require special tools to disassemble the car, not to mention the extra muscle it will take to haul all the pieces away. With Junkout, you have access the best team for junk car removal in Stockton and its surrounding communities. We have the tools and know-how to help you!

Our Commitment to the Environment

As a locally owned and operated junk removal company, we care about keeping our home clean and green. Because of this, we will make sure to bring your old, junked car to an approved junk yard or disposal site.

Timely Service

Here at Junkout, we know that you can’t wait to get rid of that junked car that is taking up space. That is why we are proud to offer same and next-day availability. We’re ready for you! Why would you wait any longer to book a junk car removal appointment with us?

Punctual Junk Removal Professionals

During our first phone call, we will work with you to establish a 2-hour arrival window so you can know when to expect us. You better believe that we will show up on time and in uniform! On top of that, we will even give you a friendly courtesty call while we’re on our way!

The Cost of Junk Car Removal

We often get asked about the price of our junk car removal services. Typically, we only charge for the space your junk takes up in our truck. That means that labor is not included!

When you first call us or book online, we will give you a rough estimate, followed by a firm quote when we get a chance to look at your junked car.

We promise not to saddle you with any unexpected costs or fees! That said, we do occasionally add a nominal charge for junk cars that are located in awkward spaces or are particularly difficult to remove.

Get in Touch with Junkout Today

Are you ready to reclaim the space taken up by that old, junked car? If so, don’t hesitate any longer! Better Call Junkout! You can get started on our junk car removal appointment by calling us, visiting our Contact Us page, or booking online.

Take Back Your Space

You’ve wasted enough time letting your yard go unused due to that eyesore of a junked car. When it’s finally gone, you’ll be able to use that extra space for gardening or outdoor decor!

Book Online Now

To Save $20

Book Online Now

To Save $20

Get Your Full-Service Junk Car Removal with Junkout

  • Get started right away by calling Junkout today!
  • We’ll start by letting you know what our no-obligation estimate is. On top of that, we’ll establish a 2-hour arrival window for the day of your appointment.
  • When we’re on our way, we’ll be sure to give you a friendly courtesy call.
  • Our no-obligations estimate is followed by our firm, upfront quote once we get a chance to look at your junk car.
  • Finally, it’s time to say goodby to that old eyesore as we haul it away in our truck!